“Animals are like human beings, they are born free. Nothing should hinder their natural movement. This is Tre Ponti”. 

Tre Ponti is an Italian brand born out of the passion and love of our cats, small and large dogs. 

We have been designing and manufacturing harnesses, leashes, and accessories for pets since 2007. 

The main focus of our company is to create high-quality and long-lasting products that are 100% made in Italy with distinctive designs. 

Each Tre Ponti product is handmade in Italy. Our skilled team of artisans pays attention to every detail, making each creation one of a kind. 

We pay attention to our design and manufacture and carefully select the finest materials to ensure high-quality products that perform well, are ergonomic, and safe. 

We choose components that respect animals. We care about using materials that are pleasant to the touch and comfortable, without affecting strength and durability. 

Every harness has been designed to guarantee freedom of movement, to be easy to wear, and to last over time. 

Come and discover our world! 

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