Butternut Box is proud to be the FRESH dog food partner of DogFest in 2024.

Meet the UK’s first Fresh dog food company on a mission to deliver health and happiness to dogs everywhere.

“So, why Fresh?” We hear you ask.

Our story started with a dog called Rudie who couldn’t stop farting and two friends called Kev and Dave.

When Dave’s family rescued Rudie after she’d been abandoned, she was in a really bad way. Her skin was sore, her mood was low and her farts were...terrible, to be honest. They started to cook her meals from scratch, sourcing and gently cooking healthy ingredients and developing the perfect recipe. Within weeks, Rudie’s well-being transformed. When Dave told Kev about Rudie’s recovery, they went to their local supermarket and stood in the dog food section alongside the bin liners and bleach. They decided that dogs deserve better.

Come and have lunch on us. Can’t wait that long? Head on over to our website to find out more and receive 25% off your first two boxes...

A fresh diet has a range of benefits from shinier coats and better digestion to higher mobility and energy levels. This is down to carefully sourcing human-quality ingredients, before gently cooking and freezing them to retain their nutrients. We believe that ‘good enough for the dog’ is not good enough for us. With twelve tasty recipes to choose from, our healthy meals also keep boredom at bay. Which will be your dog’s favourite? Will it be Gobble Gobble Turkey, Wham Bam Lamb, or Chicken You Out? Discover us at DogFest, where our team will be offering your pup the chance to try a FRESH take on dog food.

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