Adrian Stoica

An amazing live performer with his canine companions, Adrian Stoica has wowed audiences across Europe and the US with special guest appearances on numerous TV shows. But 2023 proved truly extraordinary for Adrian and his talented dog, Hurricane. Not only did they conquer America's Got Talent, but Hurricane also made history as the first dog ever to perform live in a Las Vegas theater at AGT Superstars Live!  

Born in Brașov, Romania, Adrian Stoica moved to Italy as a young adult where he blossomed into a world-renowned dog trainer and captivating performer. Today the dynamic duo of Adrian Stoica and his dog, Hurricane, have taken the world by storm with their unique storytelling performances! From NBC to People Magazine, USA Today, The US Sun, and The Daily Mail, major media outlets have chronicled their incredible journey to fame. Their hilarious routines have not only conquered hearts around the globe, but also showcased the incredible bond between humans and dogs.  

Catch him in our Action Arena at Burghley and Tatton.

Keen to see more of Adrian Stoica and his amazing dogs? Follow them on Instagram and Facebook: @adrianstoica.dogocach  

All pictures courtesy @adrianstoica.dogcoach 

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