Meet the DogFest Ambassadogs

Name: Rosie 

Breed: Cockapoo 

I love: Sniffing out interesting things.

I don’t like: Long walks!

What I’m most excited about at DogFest this year: I just love retail therapy, I'm planning on tasting some delicious doggie treats and buying a new collar for starters.

Name: Cinna (short for Cinnamon) 

Breed: Cocker Spaniel 

I like: Helping my mum

I don’t like: Hotel rooms! 

What I’m most excited about at DogFest this year:  The Super Spaniel Show of course.  Me and my mum, Chloe Fuller, and my big brother, Ted, perform for all the happy people. Catch us in the Action Arena!

Name: Minnie 

Breed: Labradoodle 

I love: Kids!

I don’t like: Dirty drinking water! 

What I’m most excited about at DogFest this year: I can't wait to hear my mum sing to me!  You'll find me howling with my mum in Dogaoke!

Name: Lola  

Breed: Japanese Spitz:  

I like: Cuddles, Jumps, Treats 

I don’t like: Loud noises! 

What I’m most excited about at DogFest this year:  The Butcher’s Agility Ring!

Name: Hugo  

Breed: Greyhound-Poodle mix 

I love:  DOGFEST 

I don’t love: Dressing up!  I like my fur best:) 

What I’m most excited about DogFest this year: The Breed Meet-Up Challenge! 

Name: Jax  

Breed: Japanese Spitz:  

I like: Dancing and treats 

I don’t like: Heights!  

What I’m most excited about at DogFest this year: Dog Dancing, I can't wait to see Stike and Lucy Heath dance together in the Action Arena

Woof woof! We're the DogFest Ambassadogs, a little pack of pups on the DogFest team. We're here to make sure you and your furry besties have the tail-wagging time of your lives at DogFest! Whether you're a seasoned pawfficionado or a pup newbie, we've got the inside scoop to help you navigate the festival like a pro. 

Ambassadogs love a good backstage secret. We like to spill the kibble! Tell the juicy titbits about the inner workings of DogFest and whether agility obstacles move on their own when no one's looking?  What's new at DogFest? Yes, we’ve got the inside bark... 

Hi, I’m Minnie, the DogFest Ambassadog who loves kids. I’m super excited to tell you all about our new Fun Dog Show categories.   We have one especially for kids this year!  Take a peak at our new categories and follow the links to your festival Fun Dog Show page in the note below.  

NOTE>>>Fun Dog Show Read all about it!   Four Rings and New Categories for the Fun Dog Show, new timetables go Live!  

And this year our 10th Birthday is the biggest bark of all! 

NOTE>>>Read all about it! What to expect at our 10th Birthday Party

What else is there to bark about?  Ambassadog Hugo is super excited about the Breed Meet-Up Challenge. Let him tell bark you all about it...

NOTE>>>Hugo fills us in on the Breed Meet-Up Challenge!  Every breed welcome, we're pitting festival against festival to find out who hosted the most breeds in our 10th birthday challenge.

Find out more about Ambassadog Lola's favourite thing to do at DogFest.  She's been practicing at home jumping over the couches and is keen to bring her skills to the Butchers Agility Ring at all the festivals.


Announcement! Fun Dog Show timetables go live

Our Fun Dog Show is the place to be, and this year we’re doing things a little differently. 

Pawrents need to be super prepared!  To take part in the Fun Dog Show pawrents need to book their slot online via our ticket booking portal. 

There will only be a few slots available on the day so please pre-book to make sure that you definitely do enjoy the fun! If you forget to book ahead of show day just head on over to the Fun Dog Show arena when you arrive and grab an open slot before they sell out. 

What do you win at the Fun Dog Show? As well as bragging rights at the dog park a rosette is up for grabs. 

Some of the categories include Dog the Judges Would Most Like to Take Home and Best Treat Catcher. Don’t forget to practice and share your bloopers on social media (remember to tag us!).

Fun Dog Show Loseley; Fun Dog Show Ragley; Fun Dog Show Burghley; Fun Dog Show Tatton; Fun Dog Show Ashton; Fun Dog Show Harewood; Fun Dog Show Knebworth

If you have already purchased your DogFest ticket and would like to add a Fun Dog Show slot to your booking, you can add to your ticket booking here.


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