Unashamedly different dog treats

What’s this? A plant-based, 100% natural dog treat, shaped, licked and sniffed all the way from Brighton. Locate our stand to discover our unique W’ZIS slant on all things dog treats — colourful and shapely, with no dull, brown, bone-shaped treats insight. And by popular demand, irresistible flavours are the order of that day, from Postman & Roast to Lamp & Chips, if Heston did dogs… well he doesn’t, but W’ZIS do.

You say, “what’s this,” we write it W’ZIS, the name for a treat that our pooches already know. So visit our W’ZIS Booth to proudly display the genius of your dog and its W’ZIS recall, “say it, and they will come” — you could Win a Tin. 

But that’s not all, from W’ZIS Tiddley Winks to possibly jet packs for dogs. Fun and games aplenty might or might not appear within our Ban the Bone Zone. We’re at Dogfest to put a smile on your dog’s face, a spring in your step and some fabulously different treats in your pocket. 

Watch this space for updates as we develop our plans and work out what more we can actually get away with. And in the meantime, visit www.wzis.dog and get 15% off your first purchase with DOGFEST15.

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